So you want to write your own Teaching Program?

Workshop with Wendy Brentnall- Wood


An interactive workshop focussed on clarifying the vision and outcomes, designing and building the processes to create and publish resources and making the decisionsnecessary to builda unique and satisfying Music Education Program for Music Studios. 


Music Teachers are creative people and often they are not satisfied in using other people’s teaching resources.Perhaps they feel something is lacking in other “methods” they are using, perhaps the language or activities don’t suit their style. There could be many reasons a teacher either feels the need or feels the inspiration to develop their own unique program of learning.

A teaching program could be a mixture of commercially available resources, OR resources constructed specifically by you / your team ,OR a mixture of both!

The purpose of this workshop is to lead participants through a series of steps on the journey to begin developing their own teaching syllabus or program AND potentially their own teaching resources.

1.What is the Vision of your syllabus or program. Steps to determine this.

2.What are the expected musical/student outcomes of your syllabus or program.

3.What “activities” do you wish to include?

4.What will the Nitty gritty content look like?

5.What media are you going to use to deliver it?

6.Choices to format & publish?


At the end of the session, participants will

1.Have a draft vision
2.Basic Plan of action to develop their program

3.inspiration to develop their own program!


Please Register Online: [Here]


Date: Sunday 8th July, 2018 at 2:30pm- 4:30pm


Location: TBA


Cost :

$25.00 Students

$35.00 WAMTA Members

$45.00 Non- WAMTA Members


Payment Via:

Direct Transfer

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